3rd november 2003. The SWG:Chimaera server is born. We started as imps in Norrsken [NS] early november 2003, and moved in to the player city Stormhaven on Tatooine 16th november. The city got raped by the mayor Vhycer, so we moved to Mount Preatoria instead.

During november and december 2003 we had some major PvP against large and known Rebel guilds such as Echo Seven [ECHO] and The UK Rebellion Movement [UKRM], later known as Sunfall Rebels [SFR] (april 2004).

In january 2004 we left Norrsken [NS], because we felt that the guild wasnt in to PK’ing and guildwars as much as we were. So we  created evul Dewback riders [eDr], which is a name inspired from one of the members old UO guild evul Lama riders [eLr].

28th march 2004, due unbalanced factions, we decided to change faction to rebels for some moar pewpewpew. In the same time we changed our guild name and tag to ReDevils [rDe] ([eDr] > [rDe], what’s the odds?) and perma guildwarred all the guilds on the server but none dared to accept until 2007 in NGE rofl.

April 2004 – december 2004, three things comes in mind:

  • Our PvP team setup.
  • The 4 day Luxor trick, where on the 4th day one of their bases went boom.  Also known as the ”Greates rebell attack on this server”.
  • Innovative solutions by using game mechanics.

31st march 2005, CU gets patched and the true SWG computer game is no more…

20th january 2010, 5 years since CU and Lucas Arts with S*E gave us the enhanced facepalm, and rDe is reborn in SWG TC:Nova… now what? 🙂

We are’nt just prO in killing LD’s, AFK’s  and TEF’d crafters/ent’s, we actually maintained The Chimaera Guild vs Guild PvP Ladder and kept track on The Chimaera PvP Rating List from /showpvp, since S*E  couldnt implement such easy system them selfs.

The Chimaera PvP Rating list


  • Voted by the Chimaera players as The Best Rebel Guild 2004.
  • With 10 players from [rDe] and help from Sauron [R-A], first to take down a base on Lok owned by a 300+ member strong guild.
  • Always been number one in the PvP rating list and the Guild vs Guild PvP Ladder.
  • Literally pwned them self proclaimed ”we were the strongest PvP guild in Europe, but we didnt do guildwars because *insert random QQ excuse* or stay SF 24/7”-blahblahblah guilds. Retards? Delusional? or just liers… who knows.
  • Farmed Axkva min every time we went for her after serverup 05.00 in the morning, no mather how many players or big guilds was camping her.
  • Managed to get fans on the other side of the atlantic ocean, who created chars with our names and a [rDe]-guild on an american server.
  • Won the first swedish Travian Speed server game, which was a 6 month long game (lol, yeah we know, fascinating…).

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