Contact info & FAQ

If, for some reason, you have to contact us in rDe, you can pm ig anyone in the memberlist.

Or just leave a message here.

Q: rDe recruiting?/can i join?
A: No.

Q: Didnt you guys played on the rebel faction before?
A: Yes it’s true, we were Rebels in Chimaera 2004. But now we are Imps in SWG TC:Nova.

Q: Im ex-rDe can i join?
A: If you got Good Standing, then yes.
A: If you are a guildjumper, you have to donate €100 to rDe for being skilled in no loyalty and no pride.
A: If you got Bad Standing, not even if you let us gangbang and both vaginal and anal creampie your mommy while you and your daddy are watching.

Q: What is the most used word in rDe?
A: Böghög!

Q: What is the next most used word(s) in rDe?

Q: What’s up with the /tip 1 credit on ppl?
A: Our way to give them <3

Q: What is the story of rDe’s tune of choise?
A: The swedish version of Disney’s Adventures of the Gummi Bears was performed by Bubbelle daily in our ventrilo channel during PvP breakes, like Axkva min farming and crafting. The reason is a big mystery though.

Q: What is the story with your guild name and red outfits?
A: The name, red, from our armor/clothes. Devils (who mostly are red), or evils, as in evil fucks who just love PK’ing, griefing and corpscamping till the ppl start to cry irl and/or just rage log.

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