:: Basilisk Dupe/Ban Issue ::

Today 12th july 2020 the big ban hammer banned around 45 accounts for duping items. It came as a surprise since two hours earlier, Legndz just finished his 4h30m give away event that started 5pm PST/02:00CEST.

The 4h30m Give Away Event Stream

The announcement on SWGEmu Forum

”To be clear there are 500,000,000 objects in the game and 60,000 I found as dupes affecting 1,766 of the 5,300+ who play each month.

So there are some odds in there people will have dupe items. I’m wiped out today no way I will get it all done but will be working on it the next couple of days.

My current plan is to actually email the character what items where removed due to dupe detection.”

”I would like to make it 100% clear today’s primary event had to do with months of investigation, some are asking me why we did this now, I’ve been working on this since January of this year. Nothing in the past 24 hours has changed what we’ve done here today, it just took this long to get all the data together so the CSR team could act on it.”

”I’m sorry to say, but legit players will be on the losing side if this. Items will be removed. There is no other way for us to deal with this. That is also why we have made ADKs no trade.”

”Everything. Components, crafted items, ADKs, resource deeds. Anything possible to dupe, has been cloned.”

The ingame mail message

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