:: Liberator Server ::

A new pre-CU server has been up for a month. And to sort things up, here’s an update:

The OR is the Object Restructure. It is still Core3, we have just tacked the term OR onto it because of the intense modifications it underwent.

TC Nova is the test grounds for the OR.
Liberator runs the legacy code as a playground for our community members while we get the OR up to speed.

SunCrusher is a ways off still, but will run the completed OR code.
SWGEmu Core Developer

When TC: Nova is at the same level, or close to where Liberator is now, Liberator will be wiped. Only server left will be TC:Nova.
SWGEmu Communications Team

More info at: http://www.swgemu.com/forums/showthread.php?t=55

Our faction choise for Liberator, is Rebel. More info about the Faction balance and other info can be found in the Liberator Statistics page:

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