:: SWG update ::

februari 18th, 2022

Uppcoming anniversaries 2022
28 february: SWG Legends Omega 6 years
28 march: ReDevils [rDe] 18 years
26 june: SWG 19 years

A history lesson
SWG US servers: 26 june 2003 – † 15 december 2011 8 years
SWG EU servers: 3 november 2003 – † 15 december 2011

SWGEmu Liberator (pre-CU) january 2011 – † 13 may 2012
SWGEmu Basilisk (pre-CU) 13 may 2012 – TBD († 12 february 2022) 10 years!
SWGEmu Finalizer (pre-CU) release date 18 december 2021

SWG Legends Omega (NGE) release date 28 february 2016

The End of SWGEmu Basilisk message?

Finalizer and Omega
For over a month Finalizer has been like, login your char to afk handjobbing 24/7, so you can login to Omega on your 2nd comp for content (PvP, GCW, JTL, Instances/Heroics and so on…).
And today is the 2nd month anniversary for Finalizer. Seems like ”Jedi” is the only content ppl are interested in.

Meanwhile in Omega:
Top 20 Lifetime Kills, no Jedi to be seen.

:: Basilisk Dupe/Ban Issue ::

juli 12th, 2020

Today 12th july 2020 the big ban hammer banned around 45 accounts for duping items. It came as a surprise since two hours earlier, Legndz just finished his 4h30m give away event that started 5pm PST/02:00CEST.

The 4h30m Give Away Event Stream

The announcement on SWGEmu Forum

”To be clear there are 500,000,000 objects in the game and 60,000 I found as dupes affecting 1,766 of the 5,300+ who play each month.

So there are some odds in there people will have dupe items. I’m wiped out today no way I will get it all done but will be working on it the next couple of days.

My current plan is to actually email the character what items where removed due to dupe detection.”

”I would like to make it 100% clear today’s primary event had to do with months of investigation, some are asking me why we did this now, I’ve been working on this since January of this year. Nothing in the past 24 hours has changed what we’ve done here today, it just took this long to get all the data together so the CSR team could act on it.”

”I’m sorry to say, but legit players will be on the losing side if this. Items will be removed. There is no other way for us to deal with this. That is also why we have made ADKs no trade.”

”Everything. Components, crafted items, ADKs, resource deeds. Anything possible to dupe, has been cloned.”

The ingame mail message

:: The SWTOR hype ::

augusti 17th, 2011

Ofc rDe is on the SWTOR hypetrain aswell. The YouTube vids looks greate and we cant wait to play with the other chimaerians again.

You can find us at http://www.swtor.com/guilds/154373/rde


:: Liberator Server ::

februari 8th, 2011

A new pre-CU server has been up for a month. And to sort things up, here’s an update:

The OR is the Object Restructure. It is still Core3, we have just tacked the term OR onto it because of the intense modifications it underwent.

TC Nova is the test grounds for the OR.
Liberator runs the legacy code as a playground for our community members while we get the OR up to speed.

SunCrusher is a ways off still, but will run the completed OR code.
SWGEmu Core Developer

When TC: Nova is at the same level, or close to where Liberator is now, Liberator will be wiped. Only server left will be TC:Nova.
SWGEmu Communications Team

More info at: http://www.swgemu.com/forums/showthread.php?t=55

Our faction choise for Liberator, is Rebel. More info about the Faction balance and other info can be found in the Liberator Statistics page:

:: sup? PK’ing randoms + SWG:ANH video ::

februari 11th, 2010

SWG TC:Nova is playable and there’s enought content to make you satisfied for a long time.

atm we are all waiting for TC:OR aka Object Restructure and the first SWG emulated server called Sun Crusher runned by the SWGEmu team.

PvE is cool and killing random players without them knowing what happend is cooler.

These guys didnt know what hit them tbqfh >:)

Can add some greate news from the SWG:ANH team who uploaded this video to youtube:

:: Gone Forever by Kahev [rDe] ::

februari 4th, 2010

Next month it’s the 6 year anniversary for ReDevils [rDe], and 5 year since S*E and Lucas Arts fucked up SWG.

So here is some long lost PvP scenes from pre CU and CU frapsed by Kahev!

:: The team is forming up ::

januari 27th, 2010

Old school rDe members have shown their interest in the SWG emulated project and teaming up in TC:Nova.

Our faction choise for now, is Imperial and we will be monitoring the faction balance ingame for an eventual change in the future.

We will update the memberlist asap and you will notice a lot of the names listed as old school rDe members.

:: rDe back in SWG ::

januari 23rd, 2010

rDe does SWG TC:Nova, true story.

Old school ego masturbation video to hype things up: